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what can you expect from a yoga or pilates class?

classes are mixed and friendly, consisting of students from all walks of life. the teaching is spontaneous and fun, incorporating many useful things I have learned over the years from some excellent teachers.

pilates comprises a series of exercises that are designed to improve body efficiency. whilst they are low-impact, the attention to precision & fluency can make even the most simple movement extremely challenging.

yoga is an holistic system of living, sometimes referred to as a science, that offers students the opportunity to find the joy and perfection of the present moment, through synchronisation of the whole being, enabling a lifelong journey of self improvement.

breath awareness is key to both practices and in yoga we have a host of different techniques available to draw on, including breathing exercises (pranayamas) , movements (asana) and meditation - to name a few.

  • YA 500hrs yoga teacher
  • CYQ level 3 pilates mat dip
  • REPS registered & insured

people are drawn to these practices for all sorts of reasons and my approach to teaching is to encourage every individual to develop their own, understanding of what works for them and why.

anybody and everybody can benefit from yoga & pilates.

joseph pilates

we spend time on our mats but also on our feet and sometimes use equipment to support, challenge and enhance our practice.

students are encouraged to develop self-awareness as a tool to lasting personal progress.

freedom from wordly cares, stress relief, increased self-confidence, improved strength & suppleness are just some of the potential benefits of both practices, through an exploration of movement, breathing techniques & meditation.